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Meatball Bakso 


Chicken Popcorn


Meatball Bakso 

Cheese with French Bread

Spaghetti Meatball

Meatball Sweet Sauce

Carbonara Pasta Meatball

Rice Wrap with Tortilla Bread

Jumbo Cheese Sausage Pasta with Chicken Cream

Mini Pizza with

Cheese Sausage

Cheese Sausage

Roll with Bread

Chicken Popcorn Wrap with Tortilla Bread

Chicken Popcorn Sweet

& Sour

Chicken Popcorn with Salad Cream

MANY MORE RECIPES with Ayamadu Kitchen...!

15 serving with best tips, let's share the
tasteful of our special snack delight

Vitnamese Popiah Popcorn Chicken

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